Prints & Paintings


To view what is currently available for purchase:
On the right side of this screen there will be a ‘category’ drop down list.
Select either the category ‘For sale as print’ or ‘For sale as original.

Can’t find exactly what you want?
Most of my works are done by request and sold quickly.  I am more than happy to do custom requests. All I need to know if approximately the size of piece you would like, the subject or colors you like, and/or your price range to work within.  I can provide a quote prior to beginning.

Why aren’t prices listed?
Prairie Brush customers span across several different countries and continents.  Listing the price is difficult because of changing currency exchange rates and shipping prices. Prices are fairly set.  Small (8″ x 11″) are usually around US$100. Can’t afford anything? I welcome trades.

To make an inquiry, please send me a message from the contact me page.
Please provide 1) the country you are living in, 2) the image name and 3)art type (card, print, or original) you are interested in so I can provide accurate details.

Requesting an original commission is always welcome.


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